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80 years after the launch of White chocolate as the third type after Dark and Milk, Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer

of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, reveals the fourth type in chocolate ‘Ruby’ which is made from the Ruby cocoa bean.

The fourth type in chocolate offers a totally new taste experience, which is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a blend of berry

fruitiness and luscious smoothness. To create Ruby chocolate no berries or berry flavour, nor colour, is added.


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We are a family run artisan chocolate shop in the Lincolnshire town of Kirton in Lindsey.
Specialising in handmade chocolate and fudge, check them out below. Available now, from our family to yours.



Take a look at the beautiful hand made truffles, from Belgian chocolate to locally sourced Gin, they’re all filled with incredible flavour.


 How about our 100g solid chocolate bars? From childhood favourites to more sophisticated flavours, all of them are hand made with Belgian chocolate.



In the area? why not come and visit our store and see all the goodies and gifts we have to offer